With our unelected government happy slapping themselves about an economic growth of… get this 0.8% is it any wonder that signs of civil unrest are starting to rear their ugly heads ahead of what promises to be a winter of discontent on an unrivalled  scale.

Yes 1978 for anyone over the age of 35 was a scary time, I remember going to the shops and they would be in candle light as the miners fought for their rights and power outages were the norm.

Once at the shops, you could only buy sugar (as an example) in brown bags, not the 1kg packs you get today, but split into 1lb packets (500g). We are well on the way to a new winter of discontent and believe me UNITES back down at the Grangemouth Petro chemical plant owned by Ineos is a new start to a very heavy breakdown between the overnment and the unions. Grangemouth is the start, Unison has been wounded and a wounded animal is a harsh opponent.

Alex Salmond is pissing his pants as he sees his lifes dream float down the Forth! NO way can Scotland sustain itself as an independent nation especially as the UK’s only refinery faces closure on the whim of a billionaire.

So lets have it vote for the tories in may 2015 and get more of the same ol same old. If you are an Eton snob then the old firm will look after you as for the rest of great Britain PLC, Fuk U all! Libraries will close bin collections will end as cash strapped local councils go bankrupt as nae cunt can afford to heat their house, pay for petrol light their houses keep Branson in Necker island cocktails whilst we struggle to pay for broadband which in the era of digital, the government has gone ”digital by default” happy days then if you can’t get hold of a working machine or are forced to use bullshit 3 or 4 G services that the sponging government tendered out to the most money grabbing bastards on the high street…..oh yeah! if you use 3 or 4g services GCHQ (for a minimum) will monitor every single keystroke you make!

So Hopefully you’ve all got your spare jumpers ready to keep you warm as fat Cameron throws another log on the fire at ‘Chequers’ (his country retreat) and tucks into a chrimbo dinner from his fuckin aga!

I have no doubt that he is squiriling  away a tidy stash for when he is booted out to grass come may 15 2015! In the mean time try to forget that the price of bread has gone up 100% and your wage will have been upped by 1% whilst those fat fuckers in government give themselves a gut busting inflationary rise to over £74k pa.Whilst the poorest of the poor on Jobseekers allowance are given a derisory 0.9% rise! Och well you are or you aint Cameron, FRENCH revolution aint that far away fi memory and there are more unemployed to lock you up in the tower than all the POLICE in the uk Come on then cunt are you up for a punch for punch? No didney hink so!

Get ready to batten down your hatches, this winter is going to be harsh. God bless and good luck.Image