that’s it, I’ve no adverbs left in my vocab to describe this weeks annual Hootenay otherwise kent as the Cheltenham festival.

4 cracking days  of the best the National hunt sport has to offer in the whole world! Invariably described as a war of attrition between the UK and the Irish this is a sporting event to top all others. For a start can you think of any other profession where an ambulance follows you at work?! As at any race meeting, there are goodd and bad luck stories but this being ‘the festival’, everything is under the microscope and doom or glory, you will get found out and it is all magnified 10 times! Notable victors included Sprinter Sacre with an explosive burst of speed the ‘black aeroplane’ took the QM champion chase in the style of an unbeatable horse that his price (1/4) suggested. Hurricane Fly was the punters darling on day 1 with sweet victory to re-gain his Champion hurdling crown. A Dark side of racing showed its ugly head with human consequences and the following sham that followed was harrowing. J.T. Macnamara was hospitalised and Irish champ, Davy Russell also in hospital with a punctured lung gave a young lad the chance to ride 3 winners but was bumped off Sir des Champs when AP McCoy was allowed to defect after a strange withdrawl of his own mount in the Gold cup. Seriously, I can’t go into too much detail for fear of libel But even Dick Francis couldn’t have written a sub plot as explosive as that. So as the Gold cup got underway, the true story must have been the superb jumping display the old boy Long Run put in only to be denied after the last jump and tiring on the run in to finish a gallant 3rd. Cheltenham will be remembered this year for all the wrong reasons but never mind, it’s only 359 days till day 1 of the festival 2014.