Seems to me like this dosser is related to the habitual skiver Mark Hoban the so called Employment minister… Well fuck me, 6 days out of 7 HIS curtains will be across ’till gone 9.30! Another Eton mess of a man.

So what’s all this then? a 2nd trip to India to prove that actually this government has been defrauding the public by illicitly spending millions in bungs to provide 7 YES just 7 helicopters to the Indian government, in a deal that will inevitably fall through well done DAVE. 

I’ve just been watching my bessie mate Tim Minchin and although The prime minister of an unelected government wants you to believe that he is a clean living good tax paying minister, what he fails to tell you is that he is a fucking spastic and his real life sounds something like this:

While his mates go out late popping pills and having fun, He goes home and gets a good 8 hours!He gets his thrills from his morning run while his mates go out on dates taking pills and drinking beer,

‘cos he’s never been part of the scene …. give him guns and roses and he’ll take Queen, more into the beetles than the stones He’s more steevie wonder than Ramones he doesn’t ken the diffrence between metal and thrash he couldn’t tell ya about axel and slash…..

He’s just a knobber.