So here we are, a full 25 years on since Maggie Thatcher single handedly broke the bank in regard to Social housing. For FUCKS SAKE, who in their right minds would buy a piece of shit property from their local council? Even at a reduced rate due to (previous rent paid) who in the right mind would buy a property and then face the bills for non upkeep that was always going to be the case?

So the Tories pulled off the biggest scam in history and now Maggie Thatcher is suffering with dementia or some other bollox…. this cunt fucked Britain. I hope she lives forever, with deamons poking her skin with horse DNA!

So 20 years on and guess what, were in recession again and guess who’s at the helm of a sinking ship…. you already know the answer…. the fucking Tories with plans to re-educate the long time unemployed by forcing them in to unpaid forced labour or face the cruel ‘sanctioning’ of benefits for upto 2 years.IDS is a cunt and the employment minister Hoban is a dickthrust too!

Whilst i feel for many people who are facing eviction if their HB is not paid, I also feel that they are probably living the dream at the expense of the tax payer. Get a job or move to somewhere cheaper…. millions of us have done that already!

I also understand that there are many bad landlords out there, milking the benefit system and these bastards should be up in court for FRAUD. It’s time to man up and decide who you want in power come 2015. It’s time to decide now and while were at it, send  the piece of shit Alex Salmond to the brig! Scotland needs a leader not a fucking muppet!